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Happy Birthday to ME!

2011-01-25 02:15:02 by SakuraSama

It's my birthday! Yay, me!

Happy Birthday to ME!

"Yeah, I rob now."

2010-07-28 19:21:45 by SakuraSama

Nah, not really.
Even though I had considered it, while I was looking for a new job. Either that or selling my body. Neither of those options sound very good, though.

Damn it, I hate being broke.

I Wanna Learn

2010-04-09 21:10:00 by SakuraSama

I seriously need to learn how to use Flash. I have so many stories and ideas, it isn't even funny. Like yesterday, I was relaxing in my apartment when I pigeon landed on my balcony rail. He (she?) was looking into into my window, so I flashed him.


It's not beastiality...I think. Something like that would be great for a Flash quickie. Plus you'd get to see by boobs, which is always a nice seller. Also, I've been rattling around an idea of my making one of those MeetN'Fuck games, but for girls. Maybe make one about Tom Fulp or something. Is that genius or just plain creepy? I'm not sure.
Anyway, once I find out how to get my hands on a Flash program, I'll get right to it!

PS -- Why are these pigeons gang raping this guy? It's violence, not love! >:[

I Wanna Learn

25 on the 25th

2010-01-21 00:41:32 by SakuraSama

So my birthday is coming around again, and honestly I'm looking foward to turning 25.

Man, I'm frickin' old. LOL

Not really, but yeah.Aging is better than the alternative. I posted some old art for the new year, and I hope to post something current in the next month or so. Look forward to it! :3

Back and Better Than EVAR!

2009-12-18 22:23:03 by SakuraSama

So I'm back to surfing the web with my new ISP Clear, which is fairly decent so far. No super high internet speeds, but I have the one with 6mbps dl speed, and it works just fine for me. The price point is better than anyone else's out there too. Yay for internet! XD

Goodbye for now...

2009-11-15 04:51:35 by SakuraSama

Due to non-payment, I'm gonna be internet free for an unknown amount of time... Sucks I don't have a job right now.

The sad part is, I would've choosen internet access over food, if I could have.

I'll miss you! DX


2009-11-11 01:55:15 by SakuraSama



Can't Pay the Rent!

2009-11-06 16:56:51 by SakuraSama

So yeah, I got laid off my job about 2 weeks ago, rent is late and I have zero dollars...
I haven't felt the least bit of inspiration to draw lately -- I want to, but I just can't until I get this resolved.
Hope for the best folks!

P.S. - I'm even considering joining the military... maybe the air force?
You think they'll let me have a Tachikoma?

Can't Pay the Rent!

Just don't understand...

2009-10-24 01:59:52 by SakuraSama

It's always the same thing when it comes to me and a guy I might like... He's all nice, wanting to fuck (only when it's convient from him, of course) and hang out, but when he finds someone new, my heart goes the tragic way of the DreamCast and other such similiar game systems -- obsolete and useless. Then I get a different attitude, and phrases such as, "Oh, we're just friends..."


Now, don't get me wrong...I am fully aware that there is a difference between sex and love, but I always feel led on and confused by this sudden change of attitude...

You know what? Forget it...I am gonna be a hardcore lesbian from now on...

PS - Violence is always the answer.

Just don't understand...

My 2009 Halloween Costume!

2009-10-10 01:01:02 by SakuraSama

So I decided to be a nurse.

Classic, if not a bit unoriginal...

Check it out!
It'll look like this, except for the thigh high boots...not really my style...

My 2009 Halloween Costume!